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Find Your Target Audience

Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network allows advertisers to target very specific audiences. You can choose your own publishers and campaigns and customize your ads. You can also use innovative publisher tools such as Rewarded Videos to reach your target audience. The network is designed to provide a great user experience and monetize efficiently.

In order to use the Facebook Audience Network, you need to integrate the Audience Network SDK with your ad campaign. This allows you to track your ad’s performance. When you add the Audience Network to your ad campaign, it’s important to set your ad placement, including which category or app you want to place your ad on. After you’ve created your ad space, you’ll need to test your integration. If the ad’s integration is successful, you’ll see results.

Although Facebook Audience Network offers benefits, you should be careful to choose a platform that can help you meet your marketing goals. Besides the potential monetization, you will be able to reach audiences outside of Facebook’s ecosystem. For instance, you can reach a smaller group of people who aren’t on Facebook, but are on a competing app. However, you won’t be able to choose the exact content you’re displaying to those users. That’s because the Audience Network does not show conversions from offline activities.

It is important to note that Facebook will only pay you to display your ad on the Audience Network if you have a business account. Once you have your account, you will need to enter an app ID and a bank account, which you will use to receive payments for your ad placements. Depending on the ad you place, you may need to create your ad spaces, test your integration, and configure your campaign.

The Audience Network allows you to select a campaign objective, so you can choose a placement that will optimize your campaign. For example, if your objective is to increase engagement, you can opt to display ads on mobile apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat. On the other hand, if your goal is to boost brand awareness, you can opt for in-stream videos, which run before or during a video on third-party sites and apps. These ad formats can be especially helpful when you’re looking to monetize your app.

You can also target your audiences by excluding certain categories and debated social issues. Some of the options include targeting your audience by their gender, age, or location. There are also targeting options that allow you to remove low-quality placements. Aside from these, you can also choose to have your ad displayed on the classic audience network placements.

In addition to targeting, you can monetize your app by placing ad content in the Audience Network. There are ad formats that can be used, such as rewarded video, in-stream videos, and more. Having ad content placed in the Audience Network will extend your campaign’s reach, but you should avoid advertising on sites that have low-quality publisher sites. Low-quality sites can attract fraudulent activity and lead to poor performance metrics.